Sunday, February 12, 2012

What we have been up to.....

It has been awhile since I posted! Sorry! I will try to be better.

Here is a few things we have been doing in the last couple months....

Halloween..... Mason was Captain America and Katie was Princess Belle. The looked so cute. We had a lot of Halloween activities... Bowling, School, Dance, and the Zabriskie Party. Zak dressed up as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and I was a superhero.


I ran my first 5k with Brandy, Kenadie and Chris. I started running the last week of October with some neighbors and I love it.

We went to Jon and Jamie's for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a lot of fun an really good.

Party all Night!!

The adults went out for Brandy's and Kim's Birthday! We had a lot of fun we all went to Brett and Brandy's then went Dancing!


Katie had a singing program at school. She did great and looked adorable.

Katie started ballet, she is so cute. We got to go into the class one week and take pictures. Ever since she started going to ballet she dances everywhere. She is really good at skipping and pointing her toes at the bar.

This is her teacher Ms. Kim. She is great!

Mason has been taking Karate. This is him taking his test for his yellow belt.

This is Mason with his Yellow Belt!

Mason at bowling! He is so good! So far his highest game is a 164. He has the highest game in the league. His team the "Pin Crushers" took first place the first half.


We had a great Christmas. The kids were so excited this year. Mason actually woke up at midnight. We made him go back to sleep until 6 am.

Thank you for reading our blog!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am going to fit all of August into one post, since I have not posted for awhile. Sorry its super long. We had a busy August.

Zak and I at Cory's Wedding at Deer Valley Montage.

Zak and all his buddies...

Chad, Clint, Cory, Zak and Carl

Tour of Utah.......
Mason and David at the Prologue.

We got to ride in the car behind Dave, it was awesome.

Here is the car...

Mason at the tour of Utah, kids could bring their bike and ride.

Dave before the Time Trial.

Jamie, Shelly, Cathy and Nicky.. with our Bliss shirts on.

Mason racing again.

Saturday's stage at the capitol. I thought it was a good picture. Dave is toward the back of this picture.

Mason and Katie cheering on Dave, we like to be called some of his biggest fans. haha

STAIRS PLANT up Cottonwood Canyon.

All the kids and Dad's playing baseball.

All the kids coming down the hill.


We went Bear World in Rexburg it was a lot of fun!

Katie, Jamie and Bo

Cabin in Island Park.

Katie and Bo, they were so cute together.

We went rafting on Henry's fork river. It was fun but long.

Mason : King of the World!

We declared this Zabriskie Island!

Katie, Bo, Randi and Waylon

We went into Yellowstone Park. Here is one of the stops.

Dave also jumped on to the back of my bumper so I could block the wind. It was kind of scary.

West Yellowstone

Randi, Bo, Shelly, Waylon, Mason, Jamie and Katie

Katie modeling

Mason and Waylon.

Mason and Waylon putting on a dancing show for us around the fire. They were so cute!

All the kids!

Dave and Zak!

Group Hug! Mason, Waylon and Katie.


Group picture! It was a fun trip! The kids had a lot of fun getting to know each other.

Cute picture of Dave and Mason.

This is the Rodeo that we love to go to every year. Katie got this cute hat for her birthday from Aunt Peggy.

Every year Mason chases after the calf at the rodeo with a bunch of kids He talks about this all year and wants to be the first one to get the ribbon off the calf. This year he was doing really good and then he fell right on his face. He jumped up and continued to run, unfortunately he was not first. He is already talking about being first next year.

Brightyn's Birthday Party..

Kenadie and Katie

All the kids and Derk had a balloon water fight.


Walking to School!

I can not believe Mason is a 1st grader. I miss him all day. Katie asks me a 100 times when can we go get Mason. He is such a great little boy and he loves school so much!

On Mason's 1st day of school Katie went and met her teachers at preschool. She is pretty excited about playing on the tettertot! (not sure if I that is correct, but that's how she says it)

This year we planted a garden, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins. The tomatoes are out of control we are going to have so many tomatoes. Here are some of the first ones.

We did a lot of swimming this summer, here are some of the pictures..

Mac, Raelee and Katie